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The business end of the Single Track ST 240 is equipped with a six way dozer blade, quarry rated, heavy duty bucket, rugged thumb, greaseless composite bushings and unparalleled hydraulic protection, all standard.

Its hydraulic, independently variable width undercarriage and low center of gravity lets you put all of the mighty Kubota engine's 32-horsepower right where you need it, from 24 to 36 inches wide. A one-of-a-kind steel track system rides on four intermediate idler wheels and fully sealed bearings.

Elevated for maneuverability and longevity, these massive Sauer-Danfoss, direct drive wheel motors are destined to outlast any drive on the market. The optional winch can slip into a high-mounted receiver as a safety tether, or mount in the lower receiver for tougher jobs.

Whether you're in the world class suspension seat, or up to 150 feet away, the ST 240 is radio controlled, so you can be safe and productive in even the most dramatic settings.



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